posted on 水曜日, 1月 27, 2016

Hi snowflakes!
2016, another year older. One step closer to a huge headache aka adulthood. Whatever, have some shots of TABINOF to make your day brighter :-)

Leave it to these two dorks to lighten my mood . 10/10 would recommend if you're a huge fan of them.

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posted on 金曜日, 12月 11, 2015

Hello snowflakes!
So yesterday our senior year party slash dinner was held and it was rocking and incredible and definitely an unforgettable one.

8 p.m. (more or less), I waited for my squad but since I've been with them for at least 3 years, I know that they are always fashionably late, so me and Miwang head along to the hall first and met up with Sensei and Aida in the way. We got a table and waited for the others. It was so hard not to look at everybody because everyone was gorgeous as fuck. It immediately made me question how everyone would look like after 3 months of holiday if they look great even after a few weeks of it.

The fridge magnet was a cool door gift.

Hats off to those who decorated the hall. It was beautiful.

The event started off with the principal's speech and all that junk followed but some unimportant stuff I don't really recall. Soon after, we were allowed to eat.

Fooooooood omnomnomnom

Stomachs filled and faced stuff, only then does it really start to heat up.
There was only one performance but really, it was amazing. You could see the guy's effort while he's dancing on stage. Unfortunately, I was the usual lazy blob I am, so sorry. No pictures.

The rest of the evening went smoothly, only with a few minor technical errors and glitches here and there.

Picture spam, as always!!!

Enon, meme queen.

I think you can guess which one is me.
(The embarassing one fyi)


An actual proper picture of us lol.

Wow. That was lot of face for one post. Basically pictures are all of my squad because it's really rare that most of us get to turn up almost as a whole in any event.

Anywho, I had one of my golden fail moments that night and it was horrifying/embarrassing/ahugeflop. Not going to talk about it here because might as well protect the tiny amount of dignity I have left and save the embarrassment.

Thank you to the organisers and those who were involvde in making this event a huge success. One final night for us to gather and talk and goof off before we part ways. It truly was a night to remember.

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posted on 土曜日, 12月 05, 2015

Hello snowflakes!!
I can't believe it's finally over; my school life. I have mix feelings whether I should be relieved or sad about it. At least I don't have to worry about schoolwork and grades and shit (for now). Which gives me more time to update my blog (but I highly doubt it since I'm easily distracted).

So let's talk about life as a student today.
Honestly. It's a huge achievement that I even finish school. It has always been a constant struggle, more often than not, to keep on going. Some days just hit you hard and it takes a lot of strength to get back up. And it's made harder when you're struggling to understand what you're learning. Learning isn't quiet bad but trying to vomit all you've learned on a piece of paper that determines your future, now that's scary. It has become a huge burden for students to keep their grades safe from failing because whether we want to believe it or not, grades do reflect you, or some adults think.

That aside, school has taught me a lot for the last 3 years. I have seen people come and go, people growing out of their shell, discovering who they really are. I have experienced a vast black hole in my friendship, mendable and now stronger than ever. I learned to forgive but never forget as I find it rather hard to just let it dissipate into thin air as if nothing happened. I learned to partially love myself, accept the flaws that make me, me. It's okay to fall, I tell myself, as long as I find the strength to get back up on my feet because we trip, we stumble but it would be a shame if we do not move forward. I made friends with my teachers. I discovered kindness in strangers who know me by my face but not my name. Bottom line is, I would not be who I am today if it had not been for school.

You see, school doesn't just give you panic attacks or social anxieties, it provides you with the experience you need to grow, to explore and soar. It might be hell on earth but it  is definitely going to be that part of your life that will always remain a vivid memory when you grow older.

So, to my school life I bid ; au revoir.
To my friends; I hope we do not drift apart. Even if it doesn't look like so, I treasure you all so dearly.
To my future self; don't forget who you are, who you were and who you want to be. Always keep the faith.

Well that's that. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that I will post more updates soon.

((So I've kinda been a huge Dan and Phil trash lately oh God. Pray that I don't fall in too deep))
(((Also patrick stump can fuck me in the ass until i lose the ability to walk for a fucking week shit hes so goddamn hot )))


posted on 金曜日, 5月 01, 2015

Yo hello~~
I think it's about time I revive my blog again. Phew updating is hard.
So for this update it's going to be a travel log.

I went on a trip to Aussie recently with my fam and praise to Allah we went and made it back safely.
Here are some photos I took from the 1 week trip. (as always they are unedited due to my laziness lol)

 This one is from Scenic World Blue Mountains.
It was really pretty there expecially from Echo point. You will basically feel like you're standing on top of the world if you look down.

 This thing is called Scenic Skyway. You have to ride this thing from the station to get to the other side.

 The three sisters. Names I seem to have forgot. 

 World's steepest railway.

 This one is taken from our second day when we visited Madame Tussauds, Wild Life and Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney.
Parking was really hard to find and REALLY expensive. I highly recommend you take the bus or any other form of public transportation.

 Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree~

 It's the famous quokka!

 Sea Life Aquarium, home of the famous dugong.

 This one is still from the same day. After visiting the three attractions, we walked to Sydney Tower Eye.

 Victoria Building.

 The next day, we went to Manly Sea Life.

 Bondi Beach.

 From Brisbane to Sydney and now to Gold Coast. 

 Yep we drove there. It was tiring but the view was worth it.

 Dream World, Australia! The first ride I got on was the Giant Drop. You can search it on Google. My heart almost popped out of my chest.

 Sleepy babies :c Why won't you wake up...

 Finding food in the theme park was impossible so we thrive on chocolate bars and Brahim's food packets.


 Sky Point observation deck.

Went to Surfers Paradise Beachfront market. I wouldn't recommend this if you're in it for shopping. Go to Carrara Markets instead if you're in it for shopping. Or better yet just visit the shopping complex there like Target or K-mart :D If you're looking for souvenirs, Paddy's Market's the place but it's in Sydney. Just a little tip for you guys if you're planning to go to Australia haha. 

We stayed in an apartment near Harbour Town outlet stores so we visited there every night. There's 2 halal kebab restaurants there and the food is really good.

All in all this trip has been a really good experience. I spent plenty of time with my family and got the well-needed rest before school starts. Hopefully I'll get to visit Australia again one day.

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